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Ole Lütjens - Hamburg

Ole Luetjens is a media artist specializing in the conceptualization and visualization of experimental interactive digital media. Born in 1967 he finished his education with a masters summa cum laude in visual communication from the University of fine arts in Hamburg, Germany.

Ole is a founding member of the San Francisco based media entertainment company SmashTV and the Network Syndicate, the production company behind the online music show "Beta Lounge". He started divisions of both companies in germany in 1999.

Since the late 80ties Ole has worked on several large scale media art projects in Europe, Japan and the United States. He joined the German media art group Van Gogh TV in 1989 and developed the interface for the worlds first truly interactive television show Piazza virtuale in 1992, which received the German media art Award in 1993, a honorable mentioning on the Ars Electronica 1993 and the interactive media art festival in Los Angeles in 1994.

Ole became the creative director of the Ponton European Media Art in Hannover, Germany in 1994 and conceived and designed the three dimensional user-interface of the Comenius project, a virtual reality driven multi user learning environment for school children, as well as a number of award winning productions in the field of interactive television, experimental media art and information visualization.

In 1998, he and his Partner Leo Neumann developed Relisten:Please!, a web based art piece that was featured in the Hotwired RGB Gallery in April.

Ole lives and works in Hamburg and San Francisco.

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